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Spirit of Dragon Express Freight Private Limited

Spirit of Dragon Express

We are an India - wide freight forwarding company that provides complete logistics solutions for ever burgeoning client base of customers across India and around the world.

This is where we at Dragon Express come in.
  • Dragon Express is an Indian logistics organization with its Head Quarters based in Chennai, India.
  • Dragon Express boasts with a network of 7 offices in major strategic locations across India.
  • Our team of logistics professionals handle assignments round-the-clock.
  • We possess all necessary national and trade affiliations.
  • We specialize in multimodal freight forwarding.
  • We have tried & tested EDI capabilities.
  • Our operations arena covers 60 countries across 6 continents worldwide.

    Developing solutions for our customers is the reason Dragon Express is in business. We seek to serve customers who want a mutually rewarding, profitable partnership. Our principal focus is our customer markets.

    The first contact we have with a prospect begins an in-depth process to understand every aspect of operations. In our collaborative approach, we ask many probing questions at all levels of the organization. Then we evaluate the current logistics strategy and corporate goals to determine the resources needed; we then match those with our experience and skills to create appropriate, customized solutions.

    "One thing we can tell you about the future— Dragon Express will be part of it, will be a leader by providing the input to shape it. Dragon Express will remain small enough to listen and be responsive, while large enough to be heard and make a difference."

    We seek to create a dynamic, long-term working relationship that:
  • Maximizes results in the best interest of our client
  • Creates useful management decision information
  • Minimizes costs and delays when crossing international borders
  • The accurate solutions we deliver help our clients deliver products to their clients, on time.

  • Past, present and future — our greatest asset is the quality of our staff. We recognize the need to never stop learning; to never stop asking questions; to never stop seeking better solutions for our customers and ourselves.