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Custom Clearance Services for your shipment :

  •  National and International Sea and Air Freight operations with Import and Brokerage
  •  In-house experts for Brokerage services in accordance with the agreeable law procedures
  •  Step –by – Step Project cargo logistics management
  •  Step-by-step evaluated management reports
  •  Customs bond underwriting
  •  Own Customs House Agent License
  •  Pioneering “Customs Competence Centre”
  •  Product and Industry fixed “Subject Matter Experts” worldwide
  •  Special project handling
  •  Visibility through IT Solution and automated reports


    DRAGON EXPRESS as its specialized experts deal with your freight; submit all documents to local authorities and follow up on all the procedures and requirements until your freight is released. For other goods, which are offloaded importers, have the option to clear the goods for home consumption after payment of the duties leviable or to clear them for warehousing without immediate discharge of the duties leviable in terms of the warehousing provisions built in the Customs Act. Every importer is required to file in terms of the Section 46 an entry (which is called Bill of entry) for home consumption or warehousing in the form, as prescribed by regulations. If the goods are cleared through the EDI system no formal Bill of Entry is filed as it is generated in the computer system, but the importer is required to file a cargo declaration having prescribed particulars required for processing of the entry for customs clearance.

    The complex routes of Custom Clearance through the ports to the official authorities are now organized with efficient and fastidious DRAGON EXPRESS Custom Clearance services. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with an extensive experience in handling all the customs operations and regulations worldwide effectively. Our expert Custom Clearance services and own custom house agent license will free you from all the hassles of the complicated processes. Be it a shipment of hazardous goods or diverse industry related goods our experts will duly accomplish all the rules and regulations for our customers in the national and international markets. Our experts will assist you at every stage of the process, be it pre or post consultancy service and of any industry.